The 5 Different Milestones in a Home Loan

Once you have done some home loan comparison, is buying a home a simple process? If you know the following five milestones involved in buying a home, the journey will be smoother.

  1. Pre-Qualification

Your search for a new home begins with a home loan comparison and seeking pre-qualification. It is a costless, commitment-free, brief, 10 to 20 minutes analysis giving a push to your efforts in searching for the right home. You can meet a bank’s loan officer or a private lender in person or even call them. Many home seekers opt to fill an online form. Pre-qualification is doubly advantageous as it sets a budget and helps strengthen your negotiating position while making an offer on a property.


  1. Application

Once you have decided which home to buy, you would need to approach the seller with an offer. Its best to engage the services of a real estate negotiator. He will conduct negotiations and a contract can be submitted to purchase with a pre-qualification letter. As soon as your offer is accepted, you will receive an initial disclosure package. Now you can start the application process. Your documents need to be completed quickly and meticulously to ensure that the loan process is on track.


  1. Processing

This phase covers your appraisal and title work. After lining up the necessary documentation, the processor will closely examine every document for accuracy and completeness. It will involve verifying information on the title work, appraisal, credit report,and any other document to complete the process.  It will then be passed on to the underwriter.


  1. Underwriting

This is a crucial stage when the underwriter reviews your disclosures, asset documentation, credit, employment details, appraisal, and other documents and checks whether they satisfy the loan programs guidelines and regulations. When all conditions are fulfilled as well as contingencies are taken care of, the underwriter will issue the final clearance. The loan is then sent to closing.


  1. Closing– The Final Milestone

Now you will receive your closing disclosure(CD). You will be provided a confirmed date, time and location for closing. Check the CD thoroughly, as it states your loan terms, closing costs, and the amount you need to bring to the settlement. At this settlement meeting, documents will be signed by all the concerned parties, funds get distributed, and the ownership of the home will be transferred to you from the present owner.

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How CBT can Help Treat Panic Disorder

It is natural for all of us to experience some degree of panic and anxiety in our day to day lives. This is how we respond to any threatening or stressful situation. But ‘panic disorder’ is quite different from routine stress and anxiety.

What is a panic disorder or a panic attack?

 Psychiatrists describe panic disorder as a serious mental condition that can strike unexpectedly and without reason. Some of the common symptoms of this condition are nervousness, fear, racing heart, shivering, sweating, and nausea.

Studies suggest that approximately 6 million adults in the United States have to deal with panic disorder each year. This mental condition usually develops in the childhood years, and women are at a higher risk of experiencing it than men.

The frequency of panic attacks depends on the severity of the condition. While some patients might experience an attack or two each month, others might be confronted with multiple attacks in a week.

So what happens when a person gets a panic attack? To put it simply, the normal fear response of the person blows up dramatically during a panic attack. A person suffering from this disorder could end up developing a consistent fear of recurring attacks over a period of time. This could eventually end up affecting the normal functioning of the individual and affect their general health and quality of life.

It is important to know that panic disorder is usually accompanied by other serious problems such as alcoholism, drug abuse or depression.

Using CBT to treat panic disorder

 There are various kinds of treatments to minimize the effects of panic attacks. But these powerful emotional events are best treated with the help of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT. CBT is a clinically proven and highly effective mode of treatment for panic disorder and its associated symptoms.

When an individual suffering from panic disorder goes into the ‘fight-flight’ response, they feel extremely threatened. In fact, the feeling is almost similar to getting a heart attack or other serious illness. Cognitive behavioural therapy is helpful because it guides a patient to slowly replace disastrous cognitions with far more adaptive beliefs. It helps you identify a ‘false alarm’ so that you feel reassured that you’re not actually in danger.

At the Centre for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, we specialize in treating panic disorder through therapy and related techniques. Call us today to book an appointment.

Why Hiring a Local Web Hosting Service is a Good Idea

With the increasing popularity and necessity of a strong web presence for businesses, a variety of Halifax web hosting services have cropped up. They offer various kinds of services, both traditional and cloud based. Along with this, there are a number of other companies from elsewhere that service businesses in the area. If you are a business looking for web hosting services for your company, how do you choose a good service? Is a local service better than those based elsewhere? Read on to find out more.

Advantages of hiring a local web hosting service

There are a number of advantages of hiring a local Halifax web hosting service as opposed to a service based elsewhere. Here are a few pros of a local hosting service for your business:

Knowing the service providers in person and being able to meet them personally helps you build a better relationship with your service provider. It also becomes easier for them to understand your requirements when they can meet you and even visit your office or workspace if required.
Local business owners may be known to you from before hiring them. Knowing someone you work with or someone they are close to personally helps build a stronger business relationship. It also becomes easier to trust each other in financial and security matters.
Customer service will include being able to talk to someone sitting at the customer desk or someone from the technical team as opposed to talking to a machine or chatting with customer support. Technical experts could also drop by to your office and check the problem in case it is something major.

Quick tips and pointers for choosing local web hosting services

Here are a few tips to help you decide on whether a local web hosting service will do your business good justice:

The service providers should be easily approachable and available at all times.
They should have a remote location backup and recovery setup for all your data.
They should offer you most, if not all, the service features that you require for your web presence.
They should let you customize user interface and functionality of your web pages.
They should fit into your planned company budget.
They should have security and firewall features that are airtight and regularly maintained.

These are some basic criteria that a good web hosting service should be able to meet.

At the end of the day, the web hosting service you choose should meet all your requirements and provide you the kind of service that you are comfortable with and one that is useful for your business. If a good local Halifax web hosting service meets these criteria, then it is a good idea to hire them for managing your company’s web presence.

Can HGH Supplements Stall Aging?

The human growth hormone or HGH is secreted by the master gland – pituitary, in the body. The hormone is what causes linear growth in adolescents and children. An inadequate production of HGH may cause children to grow up with a smaller stature while those with increased HGH production can see accelerated bone growth and be tall. When there is an inadequacy of HGH, people make use of supplements like GHBurn to make up for the deficiency. Since HGH is tied with the body’s strength, vitality and youthful nature, a common question has been if HGH supplements can help stall aging.

How is HGH related to age?

The HGH levels in most individuals begin to drop during their 30s or 40s. It is followed by a slowdown in the overall metabolism. The muscular strength is reduced between 40 to 65, and cognitive decay sets in around the late 50s. Most individuals observe visible sagging of skin and wrinkles by the time they are in their 60s, and the bones and joints turn brittle around this time. The body’s ability to repair itself becomes slower making individuals more susceptible to cancer, heart disease and other medical conditions. The HGH level at this age is observed to be about one-fifth of that seen during youth. Claims by HGH suppliers of increase in testosterone levels, reversed aging and increase in stamina benefits certainly sound inviting at this juncture.

What does research say?

A research was carried out in 1990 to study the effect of HGH. In the study, 12 healthy men between 61 and 81 years of age were injected with HGH for a six-month period. The research findings showed that there was an increase in lean body mass, skin firmness, and drop in the body fat. The research subjects were also seen to have enhanced moods and shown positive improvements in the blood sugar and blood pressure. What they also saw was that vital organs like kidneys and heart that typically shrink when a person grows old, were also restored to their original sizes after the six-month span.

There have been other subsequent researches that have spawned off the role of HGH injections in anti-aging. While these researches did not prove whether HGH treatments enhance the functionality or strength of the individual, they showed that the HGH injections enhanced the muscle-fat ratios in older individuals. Even so, researchers emphasize on the need for further research on the anti-aging effects of growth hormone, as these studies did not cover the long-term effects of HGH treatments. As a general rule, it is advised to use HGH supplements under medical supervision.