Can HGH Supplements Stall Aging?

The human growth hormone or HGH is secreted by the master gland – pituitary, in the body. The hormone is what causes linear growth in adolescents and children. An inadequate production of HGH may cause children to grow up with a smaller stature while those with increased HGH production can see accelerated bone growth and be tall. When there is an inadequacy of HGH, people make use of supplements like GHBurn to make up for the deficiency. Since HGH is tied with the body’s strength, vitality and youthful nature, a common question has been if HGH supplements can help stall aging.

How is HGH related to age?

The HGH levels in most individuals begin to drop during their 30s or 40s. It is followed by a slowdown in the overall metabolism. The muscular strength is reduced between 40 to 65, and cognitive decay sets in around the late 50s. Most individuals observe visible sagging of skin and wrinkles by the time they are in their 60s, and the bones and joints turn brittle around this time. The body’s ability to repair itself becomes slower making individuals more susceptible to cancer, heart disease and other medical conditions. The HGH level at this age is observed to be about one-fifth of that seen during youth. Claims by HGH suppliers of increase in testosterone levels, reversed aging and increase in stamina benefits certainly sound inviting at this juncture.

What does research say?

A research was carried out in 1990 to study the effect of HGH. In the study, 12 healthy men between 61 and 81 years of age were injected with HGH for a six-month period. The research findings showed that there was an increase in lean body mass, skin firmness, and drop in the body fat. The research subjects were also seen to have enhanced moods and shown positive improvements in the blood sugar and blood pressure. What they also saw was that vital organs like kidneys and heart that typically shrink when a person grows old, were also restored to their original sizes after the six-month span.

There have been other subsequent researches that have spawned off the role of HGH injections in anti-aging. While these researches did not prove whether HGH treatments enhance the functionality or strength of the individual, they showed that the HGH injections enhanced the muscle-fat ratios in older individuals. Even so, researchers emphasize on the need for further research on the anti-aging effects of growth hormone, as these studies did not cover the long-term effects of HGH treatments. As a general rule, it is advised to use HGH supplements under medical supervision.